Personal Training at Sandylands Fitness Centre & Gym

Sandylands Fitness centre we offer top quality personal training at affordable prices. Our personal trainers will put you through your paces with constantly varied 1 to 1 sessions focused on helping you achieve your specific goals whether its weight loss/gain, sports performance, general fitness or injury rehab we have the right trainer to keep you motivated to ensure you achieve your goals.


Why use a Personal trainer?

  • Constantly varied sessions stopping the boredom/repetitive issues related with gym training
  • Constant support ensuring correct techniques are followed preventing injuries
  • Specific programs tailored to individual’s needs and goals
  • Constant motivation to help you get through a tough workout
  • Consistency if you find it difficult to stick to a program a personal trainer could help you stay on track.
  • Clarity as fitness can be confusing with all the different training techniques out there but a personal trainer can help you train with techniques best suited to the individual
  • Training during pregnancy or with medical problems is challenging unless you have the know-how to keep training safe and that’s where personal trainers come into their own


What we offer:

  • 1 to 1 session:

These sessions are completely unique in the fact that they are designed solely for the individual clients specific training needs to help them to achieve their goals. Our personal trainers provide constantly varied programs all whilst motivating you when the going gets tough.

  • Group session:

Whether you want to work out with your friends or get the whole family involved we offer group session for 2-4 people of loosely similar fitness levels creating a fun and energetic session that all will benefit from

  • Injury rehab:

We work closely with Skipton Injury Clinic to provide the best rehabilitation programs/session possible to help clients make a full recovery from various injuries and help them to make a full return to either their sport or just general life without the worry of injuries holding them back.

  • Sports performance:

We have extensive experience working with all sports ranging from team sports like rugby and football to individual sports like running, cycling and motocross. Sessions are designed to aid sports performance, which means every exercise is carefully chosen to aid a specific skill or strengthen a specific muscle group that is related to improving your chosen sports performance.

Monday -  Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm

Friday: 9 am – 8:30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9 am – 3pm

Sandylands Fitness Centre & Gym

Off Engine Shed Lane, Carleton New Road, Skipton BD23 2AZ

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