Below is a sample of the feedback we have had from our members …

Melanie Bennett

“I started a personal fitness program with Matt because I wanted to become leaner and improve my definition. I had progressed as far as I could doing classes but needed to take it one step further. Matt listened to what I wanted to achieve and came up with a realistic program for me. Together we have worked towards my goals and as I have progressed Matt has kept challenging me to become better.

“With focus and targeted sessions I have reached my goals and we continue to set new ones for future improvements.

“Matt has injected enthusiasm into my training and continues to push me to become the best I can be, the sessions are always varied so there’s never an opportunity to get bored. Matt is mindful of my bad back so technique is paramount in his teaching and this has helped me maintain my training plan without any breaks.

“I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone, no matter what level they are at or what they want to achieve, with his flexible approach Matt has the ability to inspire anyone.”

Eric Preston

Please state why you started training at Sandylands fitness centre: After retirement from work I needed to keep up regular exercise.

Have you received help, programs and advice to help you achieve your goals: YES

How have you benefited from your training at Sandylands Fitness centre? My stamina and general fitness have greatly improved since working to a proper program from Sandylands Fitness Centre.

Have the facilities lived up to your expectations for exercise variety and cleanliness: YES

Would you recommend Sandylands Fitness centre to your friends and family: YES